Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Tricks Appearance a Success Job Interview

Competition in the world of work increasingly stringent. When you receive a job interview, in addition to mental and self-confidence, appearance is also important to note. Physical appearance, no matter how important, the main attraction and provide value-added. Pay attention to your appearance, but do not need too much too look too plain during a job interview.

Louis Licari, beauty experts advise the appropriate look for a job interview.

1. Hair

Hairdo as important as the clothes you wear while doing a job interview. Appearance on the most important hair is clean and simple hairdo. If the hair is too long or messy, you should cut your hair. Avoid hair styles that are too extreme. Haircut or hairdo also should not cover your face.

Licari suggested, should be on the same day before the interview, go to the salon to blow dry your subscription. If you already have colored hair, make sure the hair color looks natural.

2. Make-upMake-up application for a job interview you should still highlight the natural beauty of the face. Makeup should be light and transparent. Avoid heavy application of eyeliner or smoky eyes. Lipstick should also not be too bright or too dark. Select the makeup simple, natural, but still showing a touch of make-up, not too plain.

3. NailNail health is also important to note. Do a manicure before a job interview. But you should avoid treatments that memorable playful decorative nails. Just make sure healthy nails manicured, but still give a formal impression. Using the nail polish is still allowed, even with this year's color trends such as purple or turquoise, suggestions Licari.

4. PerfumePerfume indeed increase your confidence, but do not use a scent that is too heavy or overpowering. Do not let the person interviewing you are disturbed or even feel dizzy with the scent of your perfume. If you worry too stinging perfume, safest just use deodorant.

5. ClothingPosition you are applying for new jobs that will determine the type of clothing worn during the job interview. Choose a dress in accordance with the position you are applying at the company. Conservative style with a coat or jacket, trousers, skirts and shirts safest selected. The key, do not choose a memorable fashion style flamboyant or overly trendy.

If parts of your body tattooed, you should choose clothing that covers the tattoo. If the clothes do not cover the tattoo, apply makeup to cover a temporary tattoo. This way as the anticipatory measures only, because the first impression also determine the interest of your company.

Finally, step with confidence, confidence, and never forget to smile.

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