Friday, April 23, 2010

Eight Keys to Success with Positive Attitude

Have you ever wondered why a person's career can be dashed quickly toward the top while the careers of others remained in the bottom position? Generally people think that intelligent brains, talent, and connections are key for success. However, there is one other important thing is forgotten: the attitude.

Dr. Seligma Martin, a psychologist and expert optimism in the United States, found that the attitude or behavior of a person, a more influential determinant of success than IQ, education, and various other factors.

He discovered, people stay healthy with positive attitude, have better relationships, and advanced in the career field. Seligman even found that people with positive attitude also make more money.

The right attitude can make a difference in anyone's career. Here is some positive attitude you can duplicate to be successful workers:

Five Criterias to be Great Leaders

NOT easy being a leader. You must be ready to go against the flow and take bold steps against the opposition. One thing is for sure, it needs courage to do things that do not dare to be done by others.

Type of courage like this coming from someone assertive character. Be strong and courageous at the opportunity to pass, is a way to carve your name in history.

Well, here are five characters that need to be owned by a leader who can help you rise to the top:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alternative Formal Suits In Accordance with the Age

WHEN dress code for attending a formal event is no longer too conservative, there are many alternatives to wearing neat clothes without the traditional need to be too impressed. Check out some alternative way of wearing clothes appropriate to various age classes.

20's years
Unified frontier is the key word for you who are in this age class. ''Settings''for women in their 20s could mean anything from skinny jeans, blouse, and vest, or a denim pencil skirt, long jersey tank, and cropped jackets.

Prevent Dry Skin on a Baby

Dry skin on a baby is a common condition. Often times, it happened due to irritant conditions originating in the clothes may cause allergic reactions and itching.

Irritation may occur partly because the laundry soap, shampoo, baby bath soap, until the softener is used to soak clothes baby clothes. So, how to prevent it?

Soap and detergent
If the cause is a laundry soap or detergent, irritation that appears usually on the legs and abdominal skin. Meanwhile, if the dry skin that appear on the face area, it's usually caused by a baby shampoo or bath soap.