Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Choose Perfume As Hot and Cold Weather

Selecting the type of fragrances based on the seasons and the weather where we are, could be a great way to choose the right perfume.
Scents and rain during the summer should have a different fragrance. Because the temperature and weather affects the intensity of the fragrance of perfume you wear.

Excerpted from Total Beauty, in summer, the temperature was high. Because warmer temperatures tend to increase the intensity of the scent, in other words make perfume is stronger, you should not wear too much perfume and select a light fragrance.

Select the fragrance of flowers or fruit, such as lily, rose, apricot or citrus. Spray or dab a little behind the ears and on the pulse points on wrists. This fragrance is also suitable for use in the daytime.

Meanwhile, when the rains come, in which the temperatures become cold and low, choose fragrance-based woody. Fragrant sandalwood, amber, ylang ylang, cinnamon or vanilla is rich, spicy and exotic gives a warm feeling.

Cold weather can reduce the intensity of the fragrance, it is better if you use soap, lotion and perfume with the same fragrance for longer lasting fragrance.

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