Friday, February 11, 2011

Hair Coloring Tips Under Your Skin Color

Hair coloring can make someone look more stylish and modern. But often face actually looks dull after changing hair color.

Could be, used hair color does not match the skin tone. How to choose a hair color that matches the skin tone?

Hair expert Rudy Hadisuwarno give easy tips. Rudy explained that human skin tone is divided into two, warm and cold.

"If you wear a warm skin tone warm colors as well, copper for example. While the cold skin tone should be mixed with cold colors," he explained.

Determining the hair color that matches the skin tone is a little be a challenge, especially for the first time you dye your hair.

One of the easiest ways to customize the hair color and skin tone is by attaching a brightly colored cloth or clothing to the skin of the face.

Take a colored shirt, orange for example, and wear these clothes or bring to the face. If the faces appear bright and shining, you have a warm skin tone. Colors like brown, red copper or mahogany will suit you.

Meanwhile, if the color purple or blue that makes your face look bright, it means you have a cool skin tone. Choose colors like purple or purplish red to your hair color.

"benchmark in the skin of the face. If the clothes or fabric attached to make the face look dull or darker, the colors are not appropriate for you,"said Rudy.

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