Friday, January 28, 2011

4 Rules Sex When Pregnant

Not a few women become afraid to make love while they are pregnant. Actually, sex during pregnancy is still allowed as long as you know the rules. What are the rules?

1. There are certain conditions during pregnancy are usually not allowed to have sex, for instance of bleeding during pregnancy, placental location below, an infection of the birth canal, or other pregnancy problems.

2. In the last three months of pregnancy, usually the stomach will get bigger, the uterus is pushed downward so that needs to be more careful when having sex. Please note the current position of penetration, not to suppress the mother's abdomen and also the penetration of the penis should not enter into the vagina, because it can suppress the cervix. Position safe during pregnancy is the woman on top or side, so the wife can adjust the depth of penetration of the penis.

3. In normal pregnancy, before the days of birth is a good idea to have sex, for prostaglandins of semen, can help stimulate uterine contractions that facilitate the birth process.

4. However, if after intercourse occurred spots bleeding, contractions, or amniotic fluid out then arises that many white, colored, smelly and itchy, immediately consult a gynecologist you trust.

Meanwhile, as reported by Dr. Drew, when pregnant, women need not fear having sex with their partner. But indeed there are things that affect women's sexual activity when they were mengadung, namely:

1. Trust that you have about sex

2. The belief that you have about sex partner

3. The physical condition during pregnancy

4. Emotional state during pregnancy

Outside of these factors, actual sex during pregnancy could be more delicious. Your vaginal discharge increases, besides the changes in the genital area make a few people can actually feel the orgasm for the first time.

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