Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Make Nails Strong and Tapering in 5 Steps

Shaping and nail paint colors are now becoming a trend. Applying nail polish color maroon, for example, will give a different impression if you wear nail polish metallic blue color. Meanwhile, let the nail be plain or painted with pale pink color will also provide a different freshness.

The problem is, too often applying nail polish, and remove it can make the nails become brittle. To avoid this, try the "reform" the way you treat your nails. There are five ways you can do yourself without spending much money.

* Choose a nail polish remover is acetone-free. This material does make nail polish more easily removed, but also removes the natural protective oils of the nail. As a result the nail becomes quickly wear out, become dry and brittle. It would be better if you also reduce the use of nail polish so it does not need to frequently wear nail polish remover.

* Trim your nails regularly. Mariah Carey nails long and tapering is adorable, but if not treated properly, nails as long as it can break easily. If you are classified as brittle nails, nail lengthening is not a good idea. Better, long, just nail up to 2 mm only.

* Do not be too long soak nails in water, especially in the hot water. The temperature of the heat will make your nails and your skin becomes more and become more brittle. Unless you're swimming, you should not spend too long time to shower or bathe.

* Consumption of biotin supplementation. These supplements will help strengthen nails, especially if you are on a diet by reducing the egg yolks, yeast, or wheat. For, in the materials that we will get naturally contain biotin.

* Remove stains on your nails with lemon juice. You can use a cotton bud to apply the lemon juice over the nail. Or, for two oranges, and stick your nail directly on the orange for about two minutes.

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