Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Quickly and Easily Overcome Puffy Eyes

When out stay up till morning, or the flu attack, or even after crying all night, you'll usually get up early with the circumstances surrounding the eyes look swollen. How do I fix this?

Puffy eyes usually want to cover not only for cosmetic reasons, but also so that no one knows if you've been crying last night. But by the time that only a few minutes before leaving for work or to school, how do I eliminate it?

1. Ice cube
This is the classic way that has often been used a lot of women: compress with ice cubes. However, to speed up the process, heed to rinse your face with cold water while bathing. No ice? Just put the spoon into the refrigerator. Once cool, spoon into the kompreskan around the eyes to swell.

2. Teabags
Take two tea bags bag, dip in hot water, then remove from heat. Once warmed up, kompreskan to the eyelids, cover with a cloth for 5-10 minutes. Use green tea or black tea, because caffeine content in it to help reduce swelling.

3. Cucumber
Cucumber is not only good for health, but also for puffy eyes, because the content of astringent in it to help refresh the eyes are swollen. Refrigerate two slices of cucumber in the fridge, kompreskan on eyelids for about 10 minutes.

4. Potato
For hundreds of years, Europeans trust the potato as a reliever of headaches, aches, and various irritants. For puffy eyes, fresh peeled potatoes, washed, dried, and finely grated. Wrap the grated potatoes with a cloth, then kompreskan on the eyes.

5. Salt
When your eyes are puffy, consume foods that contain salt will only make it worse. To cure puffy eyes, mix a half teaspoon of salt in a quart of water. Dip the cotton into this mixture, then kompreskan to the eye.

6. Drinking water
Many drinks are not going to instantly deflate puffy eyes, but this will speed up the process. Throughout the day many-many drinking water, and to temporarily avoid coffee, sodas, and sugary drinks.

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