Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Set Up Eye Brow be More Tidy

Though small, eyebrows actually have an important role to determine a person's appearance. Eyebrows are neat and beautiful will help improve your appearance. "The eyebrows are neat and orderly will help frame your eyes become more beautiful and perfect," says make-up artist, Philip Kwok.

Sometimes the growth of eyebrow hair is not regularly so it will look messy. Suggesting that messy eyebrows face becomes clean. Well, to help organize your eyebrows to look more neat and beautiful, there is the trick.
1. If the eyebrows grow irregular, you should first make an eyebrow shape by plucking or shaving for neater shape. "The best way to shape eyebrows is to shave. Because when removed can damage the skin's structure and is usually more painful," he explained.

2. After getting the perfect eyebrow shape, eyebrow brush to the outside for more regular eyebrow hairs. In order to obtain maximum results, Philip suggested using old mascara brush. Mascara brush is almost dry it can be used more cleanly and set brows look natural.

3. Eyebrows tend to thin, you can give the impression of thick using an eyebrow pencil. However, when applying eyebrow pencil do not give a strong pressure. This will make your eyebrows look thick but not experienced. How to correctly use eyebrow pencil is like you are shading pencil on paper. Give a thin shading on the brow from the inside out. Pencil need not be too pressed to his brow, floated a little to do with movement. This way you will thicken the brow but still look natural.

4. In addition to eyebrow pencil, giving the impression of thick on thin eyebrows can use eye shadow with a dark brown or black color.

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