Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to properly Bra Washing

For women, wearing a bra that is comfortable to use an absolute requirement in order to show the maximum daily without fear of excess. However, unfortunately, most of women do not know exactly how to care for a good bra and correctly so it can be reused in a comfortable condition. Here are tips on how to treat / wash your bra is right:

A. soak

Pretty dirty bras soaked in soapy water. If the back is too dirty, wash a little and be careful, do not need to be washed too strong because it can cause damage to the bra.

2. Wash by hand

Wash bras using washing machines can cause damage bra that can not be tolerated. In addition to a bent wire, bra also be uncomfortable to use. In contrast to hand washing using a more secure and can make it last. However, keep in mind, if you wash by hand bra should not be squeezed, especially if there is an additional wire and foam because it will damage the bra. Instead, let it dry on its own bra.

3. Use liquid soap

To make the material preserved bra, you should use liquid soap for washing. In addition to smooth, liquid soap can maintain the bra remains comfortable to use.

4. Button clasp

If you wash your bras along with other laundry, you'd better fasten her bra hooks to avoid snagging other clothing. It can also make a bra protected from damage.

5. direct drying

To avoid the damp and exposed bra spots caused by mold, you should direct sun. Try a bra too dry that day.

So do not underestimate the wash bra, because after all is a major convenience.
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