Friday, June 10, 2011

How to recognize signs of pregnancy?

Later you feel often tired, often alternating urination, bras began to feel cramped, but it was too early to say that your period was late. Could this be a sign you are pregnant?

Fatigue, frequent urination, and breast are stiffen slightly from some early signs of pregnancy that can arise. When you experience it, maybe you are just pregnant although it is still too early to check whether or not positive.

"For women who are sexually active, always watch out for pregnancy, even if the use of contraceptives even," says Xavier Pombar MD, an obstetrician at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, United States. "The earlier known, the better treatment can be done for pregnancy. Thus, it is important to recognize early signs of pregnancy, "he added.

So, what are the signs of pregnancy you need to know?

1. Fatigue
Most people deal with fatigue with a lot of caffeine. This could be dangerous for the fetus. While in early pregnancy, many expectant mothers who feel extremely exhausted. Try to reproduce a break and reduce the excessive physical activity.

2. It's hard to eat
Usually you want to eat anything. But suddenly smell the fried chicken you just have winced. Or, see the squid dishes make you want to vomit. Feel like this? It may be that you are pregnant. Many expectant mothers who reported such incidents in the early days of her pregnancy. This can be caused by the increase in beta-hCG hormone. Nothing can be done to overcome this situation except stay away from these foods.

3. Sensitive to smell
The level of smell prospective young pregnant mother who is rising high. You can be very disturbed smell cigarette smoke or even smell of your partner. Again, nothing could be done to it caused by the increase of these hormones except avoid these smells, cigarette smoke especially harmful to the fetus.

4. Dizziness and vomiting
Again, blame the increased levels of hormones to second this. But you should feel quite happy because this means you and your baby are healthy and growing. Included also in the event of morning sickness. Usually, this will pass after the pregnancy past the age of 12 weeks (first trimester). All you can do is try to get your belly is not left empty. Save biscuits or snacks near you anywhere if the attack of nausea throughout the day. Save crackers near your bed, eat after you wake up in the morning before starting the move. Vitamin pregnancy can also increase dizziness and nausea if taken before meals. Many expectant mothers who feel more comfortable if the vitamins are eaten in the evening or after dinner.

5. Swelling and pain in the breast
One sign of pregnancy is the change in the breast. Things you can do to overcome this situation is to buy a new bra.

6. Frequent urination
In early pregnancy, have an enlarged uterus, and it is pressing the bladder triggering frequent urge to urinate. This usually occurs in the first trimester, and will appear again in the final trimester when the baby's head pressing bladder.

7. Shortness of breath
There are some women who feel his breathing became short in early pregnancy. This is because the mother breathed for 2 people. But if it got worse and felt a lack of oxygen continuously, consult a physician. Moreover, if there is pain in the chest because it could be a sign of serious illness.

8. Physical changes
In addition to the signs that you can feel yourself, make sure the pregnancy to come to the doctor and ask. Because the event of pregnancy there are signs of color and texture changes in the vaginal area that can be detected by the obstetrician.

Early signs of pregnancy in a woman may vary, there is a feeling all the signs above, some are only some of them feel alone. However, most can confirm pregnancy is if your periods are usually regular and never perforated, suddenly that month did not come. To further ensure longer, come to the doctor to examine or buy a test pack and check yourself at home.

If you are pregnant, not too late or too soon to start replacing harmful lifestyles, such as stop consuming caffeine, nicotine, sushi, and alcohol. If necessary, start mengasup special vitamins pregnancy. If you are undergoing treatment for a disease, make sure drugs are safe for consumption by pregnant women consulted a physician.

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